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Who is Ov Bible ?

What does Ov mean ?

Our Mission

Ov Bible was born from a gap found in Montreals Culture Medias. As one of the worlds most known cities for alternative style, underground events, artists and artisans and more, we found it odd that there was no blog/ magazine/ platform representing The Local Scene. Our mission, as a team, is to create a reference guide and conversation of all facets of the alternative Montreal: We will cover subjects and interests related to Goth, Witchy, Poetry & Literature, Vintage, Artists, Events, Places, Pop-Ups, Nerdy and Geeky things and so much more. Learn more about our authors by visting their bio pages.

Ov Bible Editorial Norms and Ethics

Ov Bible is a part of Inchoo Bijoux (www.inchoobijoux.com). All of our websites adhere to the same values and principles to make sure our audience received the most relevant information for them. All writers, authors and makers of the Inchoo Bijoux brand conform to these values and measures. We thrive to share a clear dialogue with our readers. We are not journalists or reporters, our intent is to share passion, share news catered to our audience and have fun.

Most of our texts are revised. If there are errors in the text or the information, please contact us so we can fix the issue.

We are a team of volunteers. We get to our emails, issues and socials as often as we can. All emails will be answered at the best of our capacities (24h to 48h).

Submitting a text for a guest appearance doesn’t guarantee that the post will be shared online. We have a tight posting schedule that is filled weeks in advance, we also reserve the right to refuse a text for it’s relevance with our audience or our creative line.

As we are a guide we try to be just, all Shops, Places and Brands shared in our Directory are our personal favourites. We are not responsible for anything that happens between you and them.  

We credit information clearly so that our readers can find where our information comes from.

We are open to people submitting guest appearance texts and also welcome press releases that fit with our themes.

As we are not attached to any journalistic branch, it is possible that our reviews or conversations talk about a personal opinion, point of view or experience. Our writers also use this platform in full liberty of expression. We trust in our readers to have an adequate judgment. We do not tolerate any hate, harmful, discriminatory, racist, sexist speech. This platform is built with our values.  For any subjects matter, we will include and provide content warnings.